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What Products To Use in the Summer?

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What Products To Use in the Summer?

I am often asked about my favorite sunscreens and products to use in the summer.  For sunscreens I like titanium and zinc based products best.  These tend to keep the oil level down and decrease that 2 o’clock shiny look we all know so well.  We carry a broad range of these sunscreens that vary from moisturizing, to fighting acne, to tinted.

When it comes to product I have to go back to the tried and true and proven retinoid.  Retinoids are one of the few products that have been clinically shown to decrease fine lines and build collagen.  We carry a variety of retinoids that come with antioxidants build in to fight the aging effects of sun from a variety of avenues.  The one area that I do like to stress for the summer when it comes to Retinoids is that I do like to back off here just a little.  Either going to an every other day application, or decreasing the strength as these products can make the skin more sensitive to the sun.

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