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Secret to a Picture Perfect Face

Summer means vacations, special events, weddings and photographs. How do you keep a picture perfect face? First and foremost is keeping your face protected from the sun. Sunscreen with an SPF greater than 35 will keep your face clear of brown spots, freckles and peeling sunburns. This has long-term benefits by preventing sun damage and…
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How to Treat Unsightly Blood Vessels on the Face

Blood vessels on the face are a common problem. They occur more commonly in fair skin and sun exposed areas. They can be related to rosacea, medications, or sun exposure, but no matter what causes them, nobody likes them. There are a few treatments for blood vessels, but before we get to treatments let’s talk…
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The Most Effective Ways to Treat Wrinkles

Many times patients come in to our Reno dermatology office and drop a large bag of product on the floor while saying “none of this works.” I ask them what they were hoping the products would do, and nine out of 10 people put both hands on their cheeks and lift their face showing a…
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How to Remove Brown Spots on the Skin

Brown spots on the skin have been called many things over the years including sunspots, liver spots, lentigos, sun damage and of course age spots.  No matter what you call then, most people don’t want them on their skin. The most important thing to do for brown spots is to try to prevent them. The…
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How to Treat Rosacea

Rosacea (pronounced roh-ZAY-sha) is a common but poorly understood facial skin condition affecting an estimated 14 million people.  At Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, patients regularly present with typical symptoms of rosacea, including redness on the cheeks, nose chin and forehead; small visible blood vessels; bumps or pimples and watery or irritated eyes. Rosacea…
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Treatment Spotlight: All About Laser Resurfacing

Some of our most popular treatments use lasers. These are one of the most versatile treatment options, as they can be used a variety of ways for many different skin issues. Laser resurfacing in Reno is used to treat acne scarring, large pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, and loose skin. They also are a…
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A Dermatologist’s Skincare Routine

As a Reno dermatologist specializing in anti-aging, I am often asked what I do for my own skin and what products I use myself. I am going to walk you through my personal skincare routine in this blog post. I am a strong believer in doing the right things for your skin over many years…
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Freckles, Sunspots and more – How to Recognize Brown Spots on the Skin

Now that summer is coming to a close, many of our Reno dermatology patients are starting to examine their skin for any sun damage. Often a patient will come in concerned about brown spots on their skin. Sometimes it’s a cosmetic concern, while others are worried about the health of their skin. There are many…
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How to Treat Signs of Aging on Your Neck, Chest, Hands and More

At some point in time everyone’s exposed skin of the hands, arms, neck, chest and legs begin to show signs of aging  and sun damage.  The saying “if you want to guess someone’s age, look at their hands” has much truth to it because we focus most of our skin care efforts on our faces…
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At Home Lasers: Do They Work? Are They Worth the Cost?

There are now over the counter personal lasers designed for the treatment of acne, for hair removal or to stimulate hair growth, and to eliminate wrinkles and other signs of aging such as age spots. These at home lasers are miniaturized versions of those used in dermatology offices and provide the benefits of being able…
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