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Janiga MDs offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures and MedSpa treatments to help patients from Sparks achieve their desired cosmetic goals. Our center is headed by the award winning plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy A Janiga and dermatologist Dr. Jennifer J Janiga, who bring their individual experience and unique skills to Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Center. Our aim is to help you look and feel your best.

Our team strives to understand your specific requirements and therefore, we develop customized treatment plans to help you achieve the rejuvenation you desire. Your satisfaction is very important to us; and the exceptional results you achieve at Janiga MDs do not merely give you a refreshed appearance but also helps boost your confidence.

Our patients from Spark can choose from a range of surgical procedures in addition to rejuvenating treatments offered at our MedSpa. These treatments are non-surgical as well as non-invasive, offering minimal downtime and a shorter recovery period so that you can get back to your routine sooner. If you do not qualify for a surgery at this time or do not wish to go under the knife, you can choose from our range of latest MedSpa treatments.

The facelift procedure we offer to our patients is a highly customizable procedure which can be personalized to suit your specific needs and to help meet your cosmetic goals. Depending on these individual requirements and extent of changes you need, the most optimal procedure for you can either be a full or a mini facelift. When you choose the mini facelift procedure, you get the advantage of a shorter recovery period and less scarring when compared to the traditional full facelift procedure. Even though it is an effective procedure, the mini facelift is not ideal for everybody, and you must schedule a consultation with Dr. Janiga before making a choice.

What is a mini facelift?

The mini facelift or “short scar” facelift is a variation of the traditional facelift procedure, with the benefit of shorter incisions and consequently, a shorter recovery period. We will make two small incisions during your mini facelift that run in front of your ears and gives us access to the mid face area. A mini facelift is designed to lift only the area around the cheeks, rather than the full face. Patients should note that the mini facelift is not typically performed in combination with procedures like the eyelid or brow lift. These procedures are usually offered in combination with the full facelift so that you get complete rejuvenation.

The mini facelift procedure, however, is an effective option when you are seeking only a subtle enhancement. It also helps you reverse mild to moderate skin laxity in your jowls and neck area. However, the mini facelift procedure cannot eliminate permanent jowls, and you can only achieve a subtle neck lift.

How can you benefit from the mini facelift?

The mini facelift procedure has limited benefits, but there are also several advantages that make it a popular choice:

  • Your recovery from the procedure will be shorter with most patients returning to their routine within a week’s time.
  • The incisions will be shorter and consequently, you will have lesser inflammation and pain.
  • The mini facelift procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia which means any risks associated with general anesthesia are reduced.
  • Your procedure will cost less than a traditional full facelift procedure.

Who is a good candidate for the mini facelift?

A good candidate for the mini facelift is mostly less than 50 years old, since those who are still in their 30s and 40s experience mild to moderate sagging in their mid-face area. In addition to the loss of skin elasticity, you may also experience sagging in the SMAS and this is effectively addressed by the mini facelift procedure.

Patients older than 50 usually struggle with a significant amount of skin laxity in their face and neck area, and the mini facelift may not be able to get you the desired results. However, patients who have been slim most of their lives often will have minimal skin laxity and will benefit from the mini facelift. It is also a great procedure when you cannot take more time off work and are fine with achieving subtle results. During your consultation at Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Center, you should look through the before and after photos of patients who are from your age group. This will give you an idea about the kind of results that you can expect from your procedure.

Even though we do not offer any combination procedures with your mini facelift, we offer non-surgical treatments such as Botox and fillers at Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Center. These treatments help enhance your results and give you the complete facial rejuvenation you always desired.

About Sparks, NV

Sparks is a city in Washoe County in Nevada. The city was founded in 1904 and incorporated on March 15, 1905. Visitors to the city enjoy the Sparks Marina Park, and the associated RV park, that was established on a naturally occurring aquifer. The many aquatic activities offered include windsurfing, sailing, swimming, scuba diving, boating and fishing. The surrounding park also features walking paths, volleyball courts, picnic areas, a dog park, playgrounds, showers and a concession stand. Other tourist attractions include the Great Basin Brewing Company, Nugget Casino Resort, and the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off.

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