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What Mastectomy Reconstruction Options Do I Have?

What Mastectomy Reconstruction Options Do I Have?

A breast cancer diagnosis is a difficult and confusing time for patients. Deciding whether to undergo breast reconstruction with or after your mastectomy will be one of the many decisions you will have to make once you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. There are different options to consider for your reconstruction and Dr. Timothy Janiga will go over these options with you during your reconstruction consultation.

While these options are similar, there are key differences that are important to consider when coming to a decision. At Janiga MDs, we provide our patients with extensive one-on-one care to ensure we help them get the results they can feel confident with. Dr. Janiga understands that having a mastectomy and reconstruction is an emotional process and he does his best to help you feel comfortable and confident.

Common Features

Breast reconstruction is usually performed at the time of the mastectomy but can also be performed years after mastectomy, radiation, or chemotherapy. There are a few types of reconstruction and each type should be discussed with your surgeon based on your anatomy and breast cancer treatment.

Breast reconstruction with an Expander and Implant

During the reconstructive part of the surgery, an expander is placed. This expander is filled with a small amount of saline solution at the time of the operation and the skin is closed. Every 2-3 weeks you will come into the clinic and have a small amount of saline placed into the implant through a port in the skin until the desired size of your breast is reached. Once you and your surgeon agree that the expansion is complete, you will be scheduled for the second surgery where the expander is removed, and a regular silicone implant is placed. You may desire nipple reconstruction, and this is another conversation you should have with Dr. Janiga or your surgeon.

Tissue Flap Procedure

At times your surgeon will use tissue from your back or stomach to reconstruct your breast after breast reconstruction. These reconstructive techniques may use an implant as well, and some may not. Many factors go into determining whether a patient is a good candidate for a tissue flap breast reconstruction: whether they have tissue that can be used for that purpose, whether they will need reconstruction surgery on one or both breasts, and whether their desired results will be best accomplished with the tissue flap. Please discuss these different “flap” procedures with Dr. Timothy Janiga or your surgeon to see if this type of reconstruction is right for you.

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Breast reconstruction is a very emotional process and choosing the right type of reconstruction is very important. Dr. Janiga will help you understand the different features of the reconstructive options to find the right type for you. When you are ready to schedule a consultation with Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Center, call us at 775-364-0224 or fill out an online form. We want to help you get back to a more confident you!

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