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Two Disciplines: One Unbeatable Benefit – there are no two specialties that complement each other better. When these two highly specialized, yet distinctively separate disciplines combine, patients are offered the most comprehensive care available and the most beautiful results possible.

Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery Reno: Bring your inner beauty to the surface.

It isn’t about vanity or defeating time, plastic surgery is about making the outside match what you feel like on the inside and restoring your self-confidence.


JanigaMDs Plastic Surgery Model

Dermatology Reno: It’s about the skin you are in.

Many skin conditions require the skills of a dermatologist to be treated. Many cosmetic procedures are best performed by a board certified dermatologist.

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Treatment Spotlight: What is a Deep Chemical Peel?

In our first blog on chemical peels we discussed some of the more superficial peels that help with superficial irregularities and discolorations. In this blog we will talk a little more about the deeper peels and what you can expect from them.

Chemical Peel
Superficial peels are usually glycolic, salicylic, or lactic acid at lower concentrations. Once you increase the concentration or use trichloroacetic acid or jessner’s solution you can increase the penetration of a peel and make it penetrate deeper.

A deeper peel will not only have more peeling and more downtime, but also a more significant result. The type of chemical you choose, and what concentration, will determine how deep the peel will go.

A deep chemical peel will have more effect on collagen then a superficial peel. You can also expect some skin tightening and improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as pore size. The studies show that deeper chemical peels are affective at increasing collagen. This effect is not as significant as a laser, but it is definitely a cost-effective way to go.

The deep chemical peels are usually performed by a physician. This is because there is a higher risk with these peels. The risks include disruption of pigment, cold sore outbreak, and even scarring. If you are opting for a deep chemical peel you should have this performed by a physician or mid-level practitioner with experience in deep chemical peels.

With the deep chemical peel you can expect closer to one week of down time, a more significant amount of peeling, and even some post peeling redness that can last for a month or two.  This redness is easily covered with a make up, but may still be noticable without make up for a couple of weeks after the peel.

In our office, we use trichloroacetic acid peels for our deeper peels. With this peel you can expect approximately one week of downtime, improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in pore size, tightening, and an overall improvement in collagen that continues for a few months after the peel. A lot of the results that you get with this peel are similar to the results that you would get with some resurfacing lasers, but at less than half the cost. A normal deep chemical peel cost will range in price from $250-$500.

If you are interested in a superficial chemical peel or a deep chemical peel, please contact our office for a complimentary consultation to see what peel is the best for you.

~Dr. Jenniger Janiga

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