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Cherry Angiomas

A Cherry Angioma (aka Senile Angioma) is a benign (non-cancerous) collection of blood vessels that can appear as a red mark or red bump as a person ages. They usually start appearing around age 30 but certainly can occur before that.

Cherry Angiomas


Are Cherry Angiomas common?

Fairly common and varied in size, Cherry Angiomas usually occur on a person’s torso, as a small, smooth, bright cherry-red skin growth, but can occur anywhere on the body. Fortunately, Cherry Angiomas are usually without symptoms, but occasionally, they may become irritated, which can lead to minor bleeding. For those people that have Cherry Angiomas, they will likely have several and it is not unusual to have many develop over years or a lifetime.

Do Cherry Angiomas need to be treated?

If these Cherry Angioma lesions are not irritated, they do not need to be removed for medical reasons. If, however, they are irritated or symptomatic, they can be easily removed, which in some instances may leave small scars. Dr. Jennifer Janiga can diagnose a Cherry Angioma based on the appearance of the growth and usually no additional tests are necessary.

What procedures are available for Cherry Angioma treatment?

Cherry Angiomas generally do not need to be treated unless they are cosmetically unattractive or they bleed often. If necessary, Angiomas may be removed with the following simple procedures:
• Electrosurgery/cautery
• Laser
• Small Incision

What can I expect after my Cherry Angioma treatment?

Cherry Angiomas are generally non-cancerous and harmless, and removal results in little to no scarring. Occasionally after the procedure, if the treatment site is disturbed, some short-term bleeding may ensue.

Are Cherry Angiomas treatments or removal completed at your Reno office?

Yes. Appointment length varies depending on the number of treated areas, but is usually between 15-30 minutes.

For more information or to set up a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Janiga, for a Cherry Angioma procedure in our Reno dermatology offices, please send us an email or call 775-398-4600.

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