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Be Proud of Your Summer Body – With a Tummy Tuck

Be Proud of Your Summer Body – With a Tummy Tuck

Summer Is Almost Here. Be proud of your summer body!

Hot temperatures are here and we are looking forward to all those weekends at Lake Tahoe, but some of us may not be looking forward to the summer clothes in our closet. You might be worried about how the tummy or mid section looks in those more form fitting seasonal clothes or by the amount of skin summer wardrobes tend to show.  A tummy tuck is my most common procedure around this time because everyone wants to look their best in their swim suits, lounging on the beach.

Does your Tummy Need a Tuck?

After having children, the tummy area can be very difficult to flatten again, despite diet and exercise.  The clothing that used to be your favorite just does not lay on the midsection the way that it did before.  There is nothing worse than looking into the mirror and being dissatisfied with your reflection.  Dr. Timothy Janiga at Janiga MDs can help you regain your confidence with a tummy tuck, so that you can feel comfortable wearing even the slimmest of your dresses.

What does a Tummy Tuck do?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is used to remove that excess fat and/or skin around the mid section, thus flattening and returning the curve and shape of the waist to it’s former glory. A tummy tuck can even tighten the waist line itself and restore your hourglass figure.  It can sometimes be combined with other procedures like liposuction or breast reduction/ lift depending on your specific situation and desired outcome.

How is the procedure done and what is the recovery time?

A tummy tuck is performed in our outpatient surgery center in Reno, under general anesthesia. It generally involves a hip-to-hip incision that allows for muscle and skin tightening and fat removal.  Full results from a tummy tuck are expected within 3 months.

Get back into your favorite summer dress! Results vary, so call Dr. Timothy Janiga today for your personal consultation at 775-398-4600.

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