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Tummy Tuck: Perfect Solution for Muffin Tops

Tummy Tuck: Perfect Solution for Muffin Tops

Tummy Tuck: Great for Post Pregnancy or Post Weight-Loss “Hang Over”

Abdominoplasty, popularly known as the Tummy Tuck, can be an excellent solution for regaining a tighter, slimmer waistline by means of removal of excess skin and fat, as well as muscle and skin tightening, in the affected areas of the abdomen.

People who have lost a lot of weight, even after firming up their abdominal muscles through exercise, often have excess, loose skin remaining. Pregnancy for women, and, for both sexes, aging and even heredity, all may contribute to the “muffin top” look. With a Tummy Tuck, plastic surgery can help you enjoy a smoother, slimmer waistline.

What Will My Tummy Tuck Procedure Involve?

Dr. Timothy Janiga will consult with you at length, to go over your options and determine exactly what it is you want your Tummy Tuck to accomplish. He will also explain the procedure in its entirety, provide “before & after” photos for you to look at, answer all of your questions and discuss the specific results you can expect from your surgery.

The procedure itself will be performed at the local Reno/Tahoe outpatient surgery center, under a general anesthetic. A horizontal incision is normally made from one hip to the other, usually below the bikini line, to facilitate removing fat and excess skin.

How Fast will I Recover from my Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Timothy Janiga will advise you about avoiding lifting, and any other restrictions and recommendations you will need to observe for the first 6 weeks after Tummy Tuck surgery. Depending on your occupation, you can expect to return to work sometime between 2 and 6 weeks following your surgery. You can expect to see full results within three months.

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