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Best Skin Care Products for the Holidays

Best Skin Care Products for the Holidays


I’m always excited when we have new skin care products to share with our patients. Just in time for your last-minute holiday shopping (it’s OK, we all do it), I want to tell you about a handful of new products guaranteed to give your skin a more youthful, healthy appearance.
One of my favorite products we now carry at Janiga MDs is Alphaeon’s botanical topical growth factor. It’s designed to stimulate collagen, leading to thickening of the skin and the reversal of fine lines and wrinkles.
Personally, I love this product because it’s not only effective, but also easy to use. First, you rub a single drop of Alphaeon Epidermal Serum onto your face. Quick tip: make sure your face is clean and dry before using the serum. Next, you apply Alpheaon RHA Serum, which is soothing and contains hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid helps lock in the growth factor in the epidermal serum. After using them myself, I noticed a big difference in the smoothness of my skin in only one month. You can pick up the Epidermal serum for $180 and the RHA serum for $190 here at Janiga MDs.

Another product I really like is the Alphaeon eyelash serum. You just apply this once a day to your eyelash line to thicken and darken your lashes. For $110, you get a supply that should last you one to two months.

In the morning, I like to apply two products prior to my make-up. I start with Skin Medica’s topical Vitamin C+E Complex, which we sell for $98. This product is an antioxidant, and it lessens redness caused by cumulative sun damage. Then, I apply the Elta MD facial sunscreen ($28). Hands down, Elta MD is my favorite sunscreen because it is free of scents and dyes, while containing a light moisturizer that’s perfect for our dry climate. If you’re noticing a pattern here, it’s no accident. I take care to only recommend products that I personally use.
Speaking of moisturizers, most of us can benefit from a little extra moisturizing before bedtime. The Replenix Restorative Nighttime cream ($66) is a great product containing antioxidants, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, peptides and stem cells. This is a great addition to the Alpheaon system listed above and it can be applied afterward.
Worried about the appearance of your neck? You’re not alone. It’s not only the skin on our face that becomes more noticeable with age, but also the skin on our neck. One product I’ve found that really helps with this is from Replenix, and it helps tighten and smooth the skin of the neck. It can be applied once or twice daily and makes a great gift for $77.

Also, Botox and filler are great injectable products that provide a more instant improvement for those struggling with wrinkles and sagging skin. We perform these procedures in the office starting at $150, depending on the treatment area. Botox lasts two to six months, while filler lasts anywhere from six months to more than two years. We’re running a holiday special that might be perfect if you’re looking to have either of these procedures done.Right now, if you purchase 3 syringes of Juvederm, you can get a 4th at no additional charge, all product must be used in one treatment session.

A final thought on holiday gifting: although your significant other or friend may appreciate you hand-picking products or procedures for them, sometimes it is easier to purchase a gift certificate and let them chose what they want. Whatever you choose, feel free to get in touch with us any time.
Happy holidays from the Janiga family to yours. Here’s to the gift of beautiful skin!

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