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Get Noticed in Reno Part 2: Breast Augmentation

Get Noticed in Reno Part 2: Breast Augmentation

Get the look you want and deserve!

Boosting your self-confidence may be as easy as a new pair of high heels for some women, but others would like to improve the shape of their body, making it more proportional, or fit the image they desire in their mind. Breast augmentation is a commonly performed procedure to help women attain that hour glass figure that will deliver the look they desire.

How can a breast augmentation help my self confidence?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure done to enhance the size of the breast; it is one of the most highly satisfying procedures for patients because they feel more proportional and balanced afterwards. Part of this feeling comes from having the inner beauty reflected on the outside so that the patient finally sees themselves in the mirror how they have always dreamed.

What about implants?

Implants are part of the breast augmentation procedure. There are two options: saline implants or silicone implants, whichever is chosen, they will be placed under or on top of the muscle during the procedure to give the breast a rounder more projected and fuller appearance that matches the one decided during your personal consultation with Dr. Janiga.

How will I know what size breasts I really want?

At Janiga MDs we have state of the art VECTRA software that will image your body and put a 3-D image on a screen. Once on the screen you will meet with Dr. Timothy Janiga and he will use the software to place different size implants into the virtual version of your body, helping you to see exactly what size you’d like with your breast augmentation.

At Janiga MDs we want you to feel confident that the exact size we discussed and you chose during the consultation, will be the size you have once the procedure (and recovery) are complete.  Call us today at 775-398-4600 to schedule your consultation for your breast augmentation, and get your self-confidence to an all time high.

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