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Getting Bikini Ready

Bikini season is coming up, and fast. Now is the time to start preparing for the long days of beaches, bikinis, and bright sun. At Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Center, our team has a range of surgical and nonsurgical procedures that can have you feeling more confident than ever. Dr. Timothy Janiga will work with you to remove fat, tighten loose skin, and contour your body while Dr. Jennifer Janiga and her associates can help get rid of any cellulite or unwanted hair. Some of the top procedures offered at our center for getting bikini ready are liposuction, tummy tuck, laser hair removal, cellulite treatment, and CoolSculpting.


Dr. Timothy Janiga performs liposuction on patients with excess fat who want slimmer contours. With his surgical technique, he can harvest the excess fat and modify your body’s shape. Liposuction can be combined with BodyTite to not only get rid of unwanted fat, but also help tighten the skin. You will need to take a week off from work to rest and recover from liposuction. Plus, any strenuous exercise should be avoided for two to three weeks post-op.

Tummy Tuck

If you have excess loose skin and fat on the abdomen, then this is a great treatment option. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure where Dr. Janiga will make an incision near the bikini line, and through this incision, remove fat and excess skin, and tighten up loose skin to suit the new contours. This is also a beneficial surgery if you have loose or weakened muscles in the abdomen. Since this is a complex surgery, it will involve a longer recovery period. Dr. Janiga will advise you as to when you can return to work, which is usually expected within two to six weeks depending on your job type. It is important that you rest and avoid lifting heavy objects for the first six weeks following the surgery.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a noninvasive option that permanently reduces unwanted hair on the face and body. Dr. Jennifer Janiga and her associates perform this treatment at our Reno office. Depending on how much hair you have, the area to be treated, and your hair type, you will need to undergo 3-8 sessions for optimal results. During the treatment, laser pulses will be directed at the area and absorbed by the pigment in active hair follicles. After treatment, your skin may appear red, but this is normal. There is no downtime with laser hair removal, but sunscreen should be worn on any treated areas to protect the skin.

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a very common condition, but it doesn’t mean that we want to deal with it. Up to 75% of women have cellulite, and men too often find it on their body. If you have cellulite that has kept you away from bikinis, seek a unique treatment at Janiga MDs – cellulite reduction treatment with the BodyFX device. This combines radio-frequency energy and deep tissue heating to tighten the skin and improve the look of cellulite. This treatment is done in-office, and often requires a series of treatments for optimal results. There is no downtime with the BodyFX treatment, so you can return to work and your normal daily activities right away.


A popular, nonsurgical fat reduction treatment, CoolSculpting uses innovative cooling technology to sculpt your body. Done in-office, the CoolSculpting procedure is a gentle treatment that removes fat cells by freezing them. The frozen fat cells die and are removed through your body’s own natural processes. When you come in for your CoolSculpting treatment, you will be set in a comfortable position, then the applicator will be placed on the treatment area. You may feel some suctioning and cooling, but this should not be painful. The treatment takes anywhere between 35-45 minutes per treatment zone; afterward, you are free to return to your normal day. As the body flushes out the fat cells, you will start to notice improvement. The optimal results will be seen within three to four months post-treatment.

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Are you ready for bikini season? Look and feel your best this summer with one of our above treatments. Our team at Janiga MDs will work with you personally to find and recommend the best treatments for you and your goals. To get started today, schedule a consultation in our Reno office.

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