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Banish That Double Chin With Quick, Easy Kybella Treatments

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Banish That Double Chin With Quick, Easy Kybella Treatments

Whether you call it a double chin or neck wattle, the submental fat pad under your chin can be fairly annoying, not to mention the self-esteem issues it can cause. Until recently, your options were to have a neck lift, undergo liposuction or simply learn to live with it. Last year, however, the FDA announced that it had approved Kybella, an injectable liquid proven to minimize submental fat pad.

How to get rid of a Double Chin

Shortly after the announcement, Kybella was all over the news, because it promised to reduce the appearance of double chins across the nation without surgery. Allergan soon acquired Kybella, making it a part of the family of products that includes Juvéderm, Botox and Latisse. Fast forward to February 2016, and Janiga MDs is proud to announce that we are now offering Kybella injections for our patients.

Here’s how it works: The deoxycholic acid in Kybella is the material from the gallbladder that digests fat in your G.I. tract.  When injected under the skin into the fat pad under the chin, it breaks up fat cells, ultimately causing the fat pad to shrink.

There are a few things you should know about Kybella before making your appointment. At present, Kybella is approved only for the submental fat pad and cannot be injected into other areas. It requires at least two to three treatments for full effectiveness, and cannot be used in the lateral jowl area of the face. You will experience mild to moderate discomfort for about an hour after the procedure. After that, you’ll likely experience swelling for a few weeks before seeing your results.

Once you’ve received your full course of Kybella injections, the fat cells are lysed (broken up), meaning they won’t return. This is great news for people who don’t like the profile of their neck or consider themselves to have a double chin. Because the procedure is nonsurgical, it can be performed in less than 30 minutes in our office.

Kybella injection costs will depend on the size of the fat pad and on your anatomy. For the average woman, the injections cost approximately $600-$1,000 per session. For men, they can run between $600- $1,500 per session. The injections are placed about 1 centimeter apart, and the number of injections needed is based on the size of the fat pad. In the FDA trials, the injections were done at one-month intervals and up to six different times. The side effects most commonly included discomfort of the treatment area, swelling, and/or bruising.

During March, Allergan is running a Kybella promotion for its Brilliant Distinctions members. If you haven’t yet signed up for the Brilliant Distinctions program, you can do so here. This will also allow you to take advantage of other upcoming promotions on Latisse, Juvéderm, Voluma and Botox.

If you’re interested in getting rid of that double chin without surgery, please set up an evaluation with me, Dr. Jennifer Janiga, to see if you’re a candidate for Kybella. In your consultation, we’ll discuss your personal expectations, the goals of the procedure as well as the risks, benefits and alternatives to this procedure.