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Juvederm: Instantly Smooth Away Wrinkles and Skin Folds

Juvederm: Instantly Smooth Away Wrinkles and Skin Folds

Juvederm Turns Back the Clock

Recently we discussed the many faces of Hyaluronic Acid treatments, which are available and very useful for erasing wrinkles and folds in the skin of the face. Today we’re going to focus in on Juvederm, a product which is specifically crafted to eliminate years of accumulated lines and wrinkles, almost immediately. Juvederm has proven to be particularly effective when applied to the deeper lines and folds found around the mouth, which are most often associated with smiling.

Juvederm injections have enjoyed approval from the FDA since June of 2006, which has allowed dermatologists like Dr. Jennifer J. Janiga, MD, FAAD, to easily and safely deal with the visible signs of aging without resorting to full-up plastic surgery.

Juvederm Can Work with Just One Treatment

Juvederm injections have proven to be so effective in the battle against signs of aging, that very often a single appointment is all that’s necessary to enjoy smoother, more youthful looking skin, for as long as six to 18 months after the treatment.

Juvederm Injections: What to Expect

Of course, any time something is going to be injected into your skin, you should expect some mild discomfort. When you arrive at our Reno office location for your Juvederm treatment, part of your prep will include a topical numbing agent, which will serve to eliminate that discomfort. We allow a full 30 minutes for the effects of the topical agent to fully sink in. Also, Juvederm itself has additional anesthetizing ingredients contained within the gel itself, which act to further reduce any potential discomfort you might feel.

Initial Consultation is Always Complimentary

Janiga MDs has established an enviable reputation with the people of Northern Nevada, as one of the most inviting and personable Dermatology/Plastic Surgery offices in the Reno/Tahoe area. We would love the opportunity to show you why that is. Please contact us today, so we can arrange a personal meeting for you with Dr. Janiga, at your earliest convenience.

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