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Mini-Facelift: Quick Route to a Youthful Face

Mini-Facelift: Quick Route to a Youthful Face

Mini-Facelift: The In-Office Facelift for Quick Results

The mini-facelift – sometimes called an in-office or weekend facelift – is fast becoming one of the most popular procedures offered by Janiga MDs. The mini-facelift targets fewer age-affected facial features than a full facelift, thus is less risky and stressful, is more economical and offers our patients several additional benefits.

The less invasive in-office facelift permits a highly skilled, Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon like Dr. Timothy Janiga to perform the operation utilizing local anesthetics and topical numbing agents, instead of General Anesthesia. Because there are fewer and smaller incisions with the mini-facelift, the procedure is quicker, with faster recovery times and potentially quicker healing. So, your new, more youthful looking face will be “Ready for the Public” in less time than you might have imagined.

Excess Skin Around the Neck, Droopy Jowls and Other Effects of Gravity can be Reversed in One Visit

The mini-facelift targets “problem areas” associated with the signs of aging or recent weight-loss. Gravity can take its toll on the underlying support tissues – as well as the skin – of the cheeks, jowls and throat. Over time, that can leave the face with a generally droopy, “aged” look. The opportunity to correct these problems and remove excess skin, while tightening and adding support to the tissues under the skin – in one visit – is exactly why the mini-facelift is gaining so much popularity. You can see before and after photos here.

Laser Resurfacing Enhances the Effects of the Mini-Facelift

Many patients opt for a laser resurfacing treatment in conjunction with their mini-facelift. A medical laser is employed to remove surface scar tissue or wrinkles, to be replaced by the fresh new skin cells underneath. The effects of using both techniques in combination can be quite dramatic.

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