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Plastic Surgery: A Patient’s Guide to Safe Procedures

Plastic Surgery: A Patient’s Guide to Safe Procedures

Plastic Surgery Is Still Surgery. Your Choice of Plastic Surgeon is As Important as the Procedure You Chose

As a plastic surgery patient, you have the right to expect a great number of assurances from your plastic and cosmetic surgeon. There is no such thing as a “simple” plastic surgery, no matter what the television might tell you. Every procedure, every patient, every time, there are a number of risks that are just inherent to the practice.

Knowing that your surgeon is Board Certified, qualified, experienced, well trained, and working in a facility capable of – and licensed to handle – any emergency, seems like it might go without saying. But these are questions you need to feel comfortable asking.

There should never be a question your plastic surgeon is uncomfortable answering. Either about his own credentials, his references, or the facility where your procedure is supposed to take place.

Communication is the First Step to Ensuring your Plastic Surgery is Safe and Goes As Planned

It is almost as important that you feel a connection to your plastic surgeon as you feel confident of his skills and experience. You can only make that kind of connection if you open a good working dialog, expressing any misgivings and getting all of your questions answered. There are many details you should know beforehand, and the only way to ensure you and your plastic surgeon are on the same page is to ask a lot of the right questions.

Answer Your Plastic Surgeon’s Questions Openly and Honestly

Your plastic surgeon is going to want to know a lot of health-related details about your past and current lifestyle. The answers to these questions will help him determine if you are a candidate for the procedure you’re seeking, what precautions he must take, what techniques and implements to use, what pain relief and anesthetics to use, and even which facility it would be best to perform your procedure at.

When you open up to your surgeon in this way, you are allowing him to do his best work on his most important patient. You.

Dr. Timothy Janiga is Exactly That Kind of Doctor

Dr. Timothy Janiga and the team at Janiga MDs have built a solid reputation here in the Reno/Tahoe area, around the concept of Patient-Centered Service. The personal connection we make with every one of our patients is why we enjoy such a loyal following of repeat and referral clients. Dr. Janiga takes great pride in seeing his patients bloom and grow in their personal self-confidence, and says that is the best part of his job.

If you would like the opportunity to get to know Dr. Janiga a little better to see if he is the kind of plastic surgeon you can feel comfortable with, please contact us today so we can set up a consultation between you and the doctor.

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