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Plastic Surgery Procedures with the Least Recovery Time

Plastic Surgery Procedures with the Least Recovery Time

With our busy and hectic lives, most of us are looking for improvements with the least amount of recovery time missed from work, hobbies, and social activities.  Studies show that adults today have the least amount of free time of any previous generation.

One of the very first questions I am asked by patients at our Reno plastic surgery office is “how much time do I need to be off of work or out of social activities to have this procedure?”

All of the surgeries that we perform require some amount of rest afterward, but there is a great variation in downtime from treatment to treatment. Today we will go through a few of the plastic surgery procedures with the least amount of recovery time for all you busy folks out there.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

In-office facelift

The in-office facelift uses local anesthesia, so you do not go completely under.  There is minimal bruising with this procedure and in most cases and the stitches are removed in a week.  Most people are back to mild activity or work from home within three to four days.  Of course there’s no heavy lifting on or other strenuous activities for about three weeks, but most people can resume the majority of their regular activities after one week.



In the office, localized liposuction can be performed on the small areas under local anesthesia, so you do not have to go fully to sleep. This can be performed for small pockets of fat on the abdomen or lateral thigh as well as the love handles on the mid back.

Downtime for this procedure is approximately a week also, but most people can be sitting and doing deskwork within three or four days.  Again, with this procedure there’s no vigorous activity or heavy lifting for about two to three weeks afterwards.

Breast Augmentation

This procedure is a surprisingly fast recovery. It is performed in the operating room, but has one of the quickest recoveries. With breast augmentation most can return to light activity in a week and more strenuous within three weeks.


Arm Lift Surgery

A brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, is also performed under general anesthesia and has two variants: a modified version and a full. The modified version is less downtime, and is a more conservative procedure. Not everyone is a candidate for the modified brachioplasty, but with this version you could be back to work and most regular activities within a week.

Each plastic surgery procedure is different and each person has a different rate of healing, so most of these are general rules. Please come in for a specific consultation at Janiga MDs Reno Plastic Surgery for your needs and we will work together to find the best procedure for your specific body type and lifestyle.

~ Dr. Timothy Janiga

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