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Skincare Tips for the Reno-Tahoe Climate

Skincare Tips for the Reno-Tahoe Climate

With over 300 days of sunshine each year and an average temperature of 50 degrees, the Reno area is a great place to live. The opportunities for outdoor activities are boundless and include hiking, biking, and swimming in the warmer months and snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

Unfortunately, the high desert climate has a downside that can be quite damaging to your skin. The air is very dry, with humidity levels as low as 10% compared to Hawaii for example, where the humidity averages over 70%.

Here are some tips from Janiga MDs on how to best protect our skin from the ravages of this sunny, windy and dry environment.

Get a Humidifier

Since the air is dry both indoors and outdoors, it is a good idea is to get a humidifier for your home. They are simple devices, which use the water from their reservoirs to infuse moisture into the air, which helps to replace that lost moisture in our skin.  They are relatively inexpensive, and come in various sizes, from single room size to whole house units. An added benefit is that the additional moisture also lessens the amount of the annoying static electricity associated with low humidity.

Use a Good Moisturizer

The use of creams, ointments or lotions to hydrate the skin is essential in Reno.  I recommend moisturizing the skin at least once a day.  CeraVe cream and Cetaphil cream are two products I particularly like because they are easily applied and do not leave a greasy feel. It is also a good idea to use a moisturizer immediately after bathing, which helps to lock in the skin’s natural moisture and enhance the effectiveness of whatever cream you are using.

Wear Sunscreen

Facial skin deserves special care. Applying a moisturizer containing sunscreen is an easy two-for-one, which hydrates and protects the skin at the same time.  I suggest a product called Elta MD Facial for daily use and then at night, I recommend Replenix Hydrating night cream, which provides moisture and has the added benefits of anti-aging ingredients.

For the delicate skin around the eyes, one should use a designated eye cream.  SkinMedica® has a great product called Eye Repair, which I use for the upper and lower eyelids.

Hydrate your Hair, Nails, Lips and More

Everyone has learned that the dryness in the air can also affect our mucous membranes as well as our lips, hair and nails. Using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner can improve the health of the scalp and hair in this climate.

The skin of the lips is especially sensitive to the harsh conditions. Using a lip balm with sunscreen several times a day is a good idea. Elta MD lip balm is an excellent yet inexpensive product for lip protection.

Insofar as your nails are concerned, applying an ointment like Aquaphor on the your nail beds will help keep them healthy and prevent splitting.

Adjust Your Lifestyle

Avoid taking long hot showers and baths as the heat and water will dry out your skin. Try to stay in the shade as much as possible and drink plenty of water when you are enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.

Follow these skincare tips for a dry climate like Reno and you’ll be able to enjoy all that beautiful Reno-Tahoe area has to offer, while maintaining your youthful, smooth skin. All of the products I have recommended in this article (that are not at a drugstore) are available for purchase at Janiga MDs South Reno office.

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