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SPOT Orange on Melanoma Monday: Wear Orange for Skin Cancer Campaign

SPOT Orange on Melanoma Monday: Wear Orange for Skin Cancer Campaign

“Wear Orange – Spot Orange” on Melanoma Monday to Raise Community Awareness of Melanoma

The American Academy of Dermatology designates the first Monday of every May as the SPOT Orange campaign and Melanoma Monday. This is a day when everyone in the community can show and share their awareness of Melanoma and other types of skin cancer, simply by wearing orange.

Even though Nevada has the among the least incidents of skin cancer per capita, it is still important that we all be aware of the signs and dangers of Melanoma. The SPOT Orange campaign aims to spread awareness. Skin cancer can be deadly and catching it early is the best and most important step in treating it.

Melanoma Detection: Use the Self Examination Visual A B C D E’s

As part of the SPOT Orange campaign, Dr. Jennifer Janiga encourages you to get screened annually to stay on top of any potentially dangerous skin changes. It is very important that you contact us immediately, if you suspect you might have skin cancer. Melanoma can be deadly and you cannot seek treatment too early. Freckles and moles are generally harmless. Determining if a mole is in fact precancerous is potentially live saving.

Follow these A B C D E’s while performing a self-examination of any moles you may have.

  • Asymmetry: Is one side of the mole a different color or shape than the other?
  • Border: Does the mole have an irregular or poorly defined boarder?
  • Color: Is the mole varying shades of tan, brown, black, red, white or blue at the same time?
  • Diameter: Melanomas are most often larger than a pencil eraser, but they CAN be smaller.
  • Evolving: If a mole is growing, changing in shape, boarder or color, it may very well be Melanoma.

Janiga MDs is Just a Phone Call Away in the Tahoe, Reno, and No NV Region

Please call us to schedule your annual screening for Melanoma. If, at any time, you suspect that you or a loved one might have a Melanoma, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately with our online contact form, or by calling our local Reno office at 775-398-4600. We will schedule an examination appointment for you at the earliest convenience. Early diagnosis and treatment is key.

And also please remember to “Wear Orange – Spot Orange” on Melanoma Monday.