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Thigh Lift Cosmetic Surgery for Contouring – Thighplasty

Thigh Lift Cosmetic Surgery for Contouring – Thighplasty

Thigh Lift: An Excellent way to Regain your Shapely Contours

Thigh Lift surgery is a tried and true plastic surgery procedure. Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons have long been using the procedure – called Thighplasty – to help patients achieve a more youthful look, smoother skin and the firmer, more proportionate overall body image and shape they desire.

The procedure is especially effective after a major weight loss, particularly if there are stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to be exercised or dieted away. A combination of fatty tissue removal and skin tightening can serve to give you a shapelier, athletic appearance, if that is more in-line with your personal self-image. A Thigh Lift can also eliminate the “cottage cheese” look from cellulite, which many women find unattractive, leaving smooth contours and firm skin.

Thigh Lift Procedures Vary, Depending on Your Needs

Everyone carries their fatty tissues differently, so different Thighplasty techniques have been developed to better serve every individual. If the inner thighs are the problem area, an incision along the groin crease is easily hidden and allows your surgeon to remove fat and “lift” the skin tighter.

If the outer thighs – sometimes called the Saddlebag area – require the most attention, an incision can be made from the groin around to the hip. In all cases, Dr. Janiga’s goal is to leave as small and unobtrusive a scar as possible, placed in as concealable an area as possible.

How Will Your Thigh Lift be Performed?

A Thigh Lift procedure is normally performed under general anesthesia. Janiga MD’s physicians operate at only accredited hospitals and surgery centers right here in Reno.  These facilities and a support staff of very experienced, highly trained, truly caring individuals are all primarily concerned with your comfort and well-being.

The Thigh Lift itself should take about an hour, and you can expect to recuperate for at least another hour following your surgery. Many people opt to include a Thighplasty in combination with other related procedures, like a Butt Lift or a Tummy Tuck,  or even a Lower Body Lift, which can add to the overall time spent in surgery.

Most people are able to return to work within two weeks, with full results expected in nine to 12 months. If you would like the opportunity to meet with Dr. Timothy Janiga and get a better understanding of the outcomes you can expect personally, please contact us and we will be happy to schedule a consultation.

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