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Warm weather finally here!

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Warm weather finally here!

With the warm weather almost here, a few seasonal things start to appear in a dermatology office.

One of the most common things I see this time of year is a flare of eczema.  Although most people flare in the winter, about 20-30 percent can flare when the weather gets warmer.

I have also started to see some sunscreen allergies.  It is uncommon, but some people will be allergic to some ingredients in sunscreens, usually the chemical blocking components.

A spring-time rash called pityriasis rosea is also starting to rear its proverbial head.  This rash starts around this time of year and is usually in young adults on the trunk.  It is not very itchy, but can last a few weeks and be distressing for patients.

Finally sweating…as the warmer season approaches some patients worry about an abundance of sweat from the armpits called axillary hyperhidrosis.  This is common in people of all ages and is a frequent problem seen by dermatologists.  There are a few different treatment options, but one of the most exciting is the use of Botox or Dysport to treat axillary hyperhidrosis. This treatment can last up to a year and is relatively painless.