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World Cancer Day: Practicing Skin Cancer Awareness All Year Long

According to the Union for International Cancer Control, cancer will kill more than eight million people alone this year. An equally scary statistic shows that the instances of skin cancer will top 5.4 million diagnoses in 2016. In fact, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their life. The numbers…
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Acne, Sun Spots, More: Top 10 Men’s Skin Conditions

As men are our focus for November, we continue our trend and discuss the top 10 skin conditions that affect men. Acne is a very common skin condition that affects a large percentage of men and women during their lives, often during adolescence. Acne is a multifactorial skin disease, with inflammation, bacteria, oil production and…
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The Link between Organ Transplants and Melanoma

Melanoma accounts for only 2 percent of all skin cancer cases in the United States; however, it is the most serious form and results in the majority of skin cancer deaths. It is the fifth leading cancer in men and the seventh in women and it is estimated that 73,870 new cases of melanoma will…
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Sunscreen Chemicals: The Verdict

There has been a lot of talk lately about sunscreens as they relate to chemicals, safety and SPF. Even “Good Morning America” had a recent expose on the topic. The hype in the media comes from the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group’s) 9th annual Guide to Sunscreens, the release of which has spurred a significant amount…
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One Skincare Resolution Everyone Should Make

With the New Year coming, we all try to make a New Year’s resolution that will improve our bodies, our minds, and sometimes even our relationships. At Janiga MDs Reno Dermatology, we also encourage our patients to make one skincare resolution. This New Year’s skincare resolution is simple, but makes a huge impact in your…
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Freckles, Sunspots and more – How to Recognize Brown Spots on the Skin

Now that summer is coming to a close, many of our Reno dermatology patients are starting to examine their skin for any sun damage. Often a patient will come in concerned about brown spots on their skin. Sometimes it’s a cosmetic concern, while others are worried about the health of their skin. There are many…
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Expert Advice: How to Apply Self Tanner

At Janiga MDs Dermatology, we highly recommend all our patients wear sunscreen to avoid the harmful affects of the sun’s rays on the skin. In my last post, I shared my tips for getting a summer glow without the damage, and in this one I wanted to go into more detail on how best to…
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Self-Tanner 101: How to get a Summer Tan Without Damaging Your Skin

Springtime is here and summer is just around the corner. It’s the time for sundresses, tank tops, shorts, and bathing suits. If you’re like me, you like the look and feel of that sun-kissed glow you get when sunbathing, but how can that be achieved without damaging your skin? The UV radiation from the sun…
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Skin Cancer Awareness Season is Here

Skin Cancer Knows No Season, but Summer does make us Think About it More Everyone knows that the easiest way to get skin cancer is to spend too much time in the Sun. OR the tanning salon. But, because everyone is different, not every form of skin cancer will look the same on every person….
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SPOT Orange on Melanoma Monday: Wear Orange for Skin Cancer Campaign

“Wear Orange – Spot Orange” on Melanoma Monday, May 6th, To Raise Community Awareness of Melanoma The American Academy of Dermatology designates the first Monday of every May as the SPOT Orange campaign and Melanoma Monday. This is a day when everyone in the community can show and share their awareness of Melanoma and other…
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