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What is Gynecomastia?

Go ahead. Call them “man boobs.” The truth is, some men develop breasts like women. In some cases, the breasts develop from excess weight. For others, hormones and genetics are the culprit. Either way, most men desire a firmer and flatter chest, giving you a more masculine look.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men now make up 40 percent of all breast reduction surgeries, and this number appears to be growing each year. The procedure aims to remove any projection or breast in male patients, allowing the nipple/areolar complex to lie flat on the chest wall. Gynecomastia is different from chest contouring (link once it’s live) in that gynecomastia involves surgical removal of tissue behind the nipple areolar complex as the main goal. Gynecomastia surgery can be combined with chest contouring for more general improvement in this area.

The result? A flatter and firmer chest with less protrusion.

The Procedure

Dr. Janiga performs male breast reduction in our outpatient surgery center in Reno under general anesthesia. The procedure involves removal of excess tissue around the male breast using a combination of liposuction and surgically remove excess breast tissue.  This tightens the tissue of the chest wall and will create a more masculine appearance. For smaller procedures, Dr. Janiga can perform the procedure in the Reno office with local anesthesia.

"Dr. Janiga is an awesome surgeon and his staff is great. Always very happy to be in their office." - LE

Tummy Tuck, Gynecomastia, and BodyTite Patient Testimonial

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At Janiga MDs, Dr. Timothy Janiga specializes in plastic surgery and Dr. Jennifer Janiga specializes in dermatology, giving their practice a unique, comprehensive perspective on their patients’ cosmetic needs in the Reno, Nevada area.

Results & Recovery

Gynecomastia surgery can result in swelling and bruising that lasts up to three weeks. Men can typically return to work within a week, with Dr. Timothy Janiga asking men to wear a compression garment for up to six weeks after the surgery.

Full results are expected within three to six months, resulting in a tighter, slimmer and more contoured chest.



If you’re interested in gynecomastia surgery, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Timothy Janiga, who will walk you through the procedure from start to finish and will answer any questions you have.


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