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Breast Implants: Breast Augmentation Brings Happiness to Many Reno/Tahoe Women

Breast Implants: Breast Augmentation Brings Happiness to Many Reno/Tahoe Women

Breast Implants Raise Self Esteem for Over a Quarter Million of U.S. Women Annually

While we necessarily focus on the technical aspects of breast implants for reconstruction and augmentation, including potential incision sites, expected healing times and a precise explanation of the surgical procedure, we must also remember the serious emotional and psychological benefits that breast augmentation has provided for women of every socioeconomic stripe and occupation, all across northern Nevada.

No longer are attractive and ample breasts only available to celebrities. Housewives, teachers, sales people, doctors, attorneys, accountants…the occupations of women who have taken advantage of Breast Implants to enhance their silhouette, is as numerous as the women themselves.

Breast Implants Allow Cancer Survivors to Feel More Feminine

Many women who have undergone a full or partial mastectomy during breast cancer surgery have taken advantage of breast reconstruction using breast implants to make themselves feel more whole, natural looking and feminine. The tremendous difference augmentation can bring about for these women, is incalculable.

Cancer survivors, who might have felt self-conscious and uncomfortable around other people after a mastectomy, are more often able to function comfortably, feeling whole and complete, now that Breast Implants and reconstructive breast augmentation are such mainstream, state-of-the-art procedures.

Breast Implants Provide a Positive Emotional Benefit to Many Woman

Dr. Timothy Janiga will meet with you personally, to evaluate you as a candidate for the breast implant procedure and discuss any questions you may have. He takes a deep personal interest in each of his patients and will work to ensure that you completely understand the procedure, post-operative care, and long term expectations. He has said that witnessing the positive changes in a woman’s self esteem and personal self-worth during follow-up visits is one of the best parts of his job.

Janiga MDs Takes Great Pride in Serving Our Reno/Tahoe Community

If you would like to schedule a consultation in our comfortable Reno office with Dr. Janiga, please use this convenient form to let us know how best to get in contact with you. You can get all your questions answered and view before and after photos. We look forward to serving you.



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