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Explore Our Top Five Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures For Fall & Winter

Explore Our Top Five Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures For Fall & Winter

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

When you think of cosmetic procedures, what comes to mind? For many people, the first thought is of invasive procedures that require surgery and a lot of resulting downtime for healing. But this isn’t always the case. As winter approaches, we’d like to share five of our favorite non-invasive cosmetic procedures we perform at Janiga MDs.

For several years running, one of the fastest-growing areas of cosmetics in the United States has been non-invasive cosmetic procedures. This category includes a wide range of procedures from injectables such as BOTOX® to newer, lesser-known procedures such as miraDry®. Here are five of our favorite:

1. miraDry®: When miraDry® was launched a couple of years ago, it was an instant game changer for many patients. Designed to decrease armpit sweating by up to 86 percent in just a single treatment, miraDry® is the perfect fall/winter procedure because it allows you to see full results before the start of sweating season in the spring. This FDA-approved treatment works by eliminating sweat and odor glands, allowing you to feel dry and confident all day long. Once the one-hour procedure is over, you may experience some swelling and minimal discomfort, but the results are almost immediate. Learn more about whether you’re a good candidate for miraDry® here.

2. Kybella®: A procedure that’s growing in popularity is Kybella®, a 45-minute in-office procedure that permanently removes the stubborn fat pad sometimes known as a double chin. This procedure is perfectly suited for fall weather because you can expect some tissue swelling after you’ve had it performed. A turtleneck or scarf can help cover your neck while you heal, and most people won’t even notice until you’re ready to show the world your new wattle-free neck. By dissolving the submental fat pad, Kybella® safely and permanently banishes the double chin in as few as two or three treatments. Learn more about it here.

3. Laser therapy: Northern Nevada’s dry, high-altitude climate can be rough on the skin. For that, Janiga MDs offers laser therapy to treat sunspots. We use a pulsed light laser called Max G to target pigment in the skin, bringing it to the surface and allowing it to slough off. This laser is perfect for the fall and winter because one prerequisite for its use, is that your sun exposure be limited for six weeks before and a few weeks after treatment. This helps decrease potential side effects. See if laser therapy is right for you.

4. Filler: Janiga MDs offers quite a few filler options for you to choose from, including Radiesse® for the hands, Voluma® for the cheeks, Volbella® or Restylane® Silk for your lips. One of the great things about late fall is extra time off from school or work, allowing you more time with family. Put those days to good use by having fillers performed at our Reno plastic surgery and dermatology offices. Because some swelling and bruising can be expected, you’ll be able to recover quietly at home in order to see full results by New Year’s.

5. BOTOX®: True, there’s no bad time of year to have BOTOX® performed, but who doesn’t love a little refresher for the holidays? With its ability to treat forehead wrinkles in a short office visit, BOTOX® is the perfect pre-holiday gift to yourself and it’ll last well into the New Year.

Interested in learning more about these procedures? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Janiga today to see if you’re a good candidate for miraDry®, Kybella®, laser therapy, fillers or BOTOX®.

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