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Janiga MDs offers a full range of plastic surgery procedures and medical spa treatments to help patients in Sparks with their cosmetic and reconstructive needs. Our aim at Janiga MD is to help you feel confident about your appearance. Award winning surgeon Dr. Timothy A Janiga and dermatologist Dr. Jennifer J Janiga bring their individual experiences in their fields to patients in Sparks and surrounding areas.

We work with our patients to find a solution to any concerns you may have so that we can customize the best treatment plan to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. The results we help our patients achieve do not merely give them a rejuvenated physical appearance but also restores their self-confidence.

In addition to the cosmetic surgical procedures, we also offer a wide range of treatments at our MedSpa. These are non-surgical and less invasive procedures for those who wish to get rejuvenation without having to go under the knife. We use the latest in treatments and techniques to get you stunning results with minimal downtime and short recovery periods.

Injectables and fillers

We offer a wide range of dermal fillers and neuromodulators that help us to slow down the effects of aging. For the best results, these injectables should only be administered by experienced professionals. The injectables we offer to our patients in Sparks help deal with wrinkles, fine lines, volume loss, chin fat, dull and uneven tone and texture, pigmentation, and many other visible signs of aging. Here are the choices you have at Janiga MDs:

Laser services

You can achieve natural results with the latest laser treatments offered at our center in Sparks. These treatments help deal with skin issues like acne and wrinkles in addition to promoting the natural growth of collagen in the skin. With increased collagen, you get natural skin tightening and a healthy glow that enhances your appearance giving you a youthful refreshed look. You can also benefit from the latest in laser hair removal treatments and facials. You can choose from the following procedures:

Body services

Despite regular exercising and strict diet control, many people still struggle with certain stubborn areas on their body. We offer advanced procedures that are non-surgical and offer minimal downtime. From freezing the fat cells to eliminating sweat glands and increasing the thickness and darkness of eyelashes, there are several beneficial procedures for our patients. You can choose from the following procedures at our Sparks center:

Procedures for men

Today many men are opting for cosmetic enhancement as well and it is no more just a women’s world. We at Janiga MDs understand that men choose to get aesthetic rejuvenation for different reasons than men and we offer them natural and subtle results. You can choose from neuromodulators that reduce the stubborn forehead wrinkles, dermal fillers to eliminate volume loss, and body contouring with the latest treatments. Men in Sparks can choose from the following procedures:

Skin procedures

Our patients in Sparks and surrounding areas are continuously looking for skin services since the dry weather and higher altitude can cause havoc on your skin. Sun damage and other factors lead to many concerns like fine lines, sagging skin and uneven skin tone. Dr. Jennifer Janiga is a board certified dermatologist whose vast experience helps her understand your skin and offer the best treatments to help you achieve healthy and rejuvenated appearance. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Skincare products

We offer a wide range of skincare products that complement the dermatology procedures performed at Janiga MDs. These procedures help you improve the health and appearance of your skin and maintain the stunning results you get after a procedure. You can choose from these world class skincare products at our center in Sparks:

About Sparks, NV

Sparks is a city in Washoe County in Nevada. The city was founded in 1904 and incorporated on March 15, 1905. Visitors to the city enjoy the Sparks Marina Park that was established on a naturally occurring aquifer. The many aquatic activities offered include windsurfing, sailing, swimming, scuba diving, boating and fishing. The surrounding park also features walking paths, volleyball courts, picnic areas, a dog park, playgrounds, showers and a concession stand. Other tourist attractions include the Great Basin Brewing Company, Nugget Casino Resort and the cultural event known as Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off.

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