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Janiga MDs offers a wide range of plastic surgery and MedSpa treatments to their patients from New Washoe City. Led by the award winning doctors, Dr. Timothy A Janiga and Dr. Jennifer J Janiga, you can benefit from their individual expertise at the center that helps you look and feel your best.

It is our endeavor to understand your specific needs before we offer you a tailor-made treatment plan that will achieve you the rejuvenation you seek. Our goal is to ensure every patient is satisfied with their treatment. Our patients achieve the desired refreshed appearance that restores their self-confidence with our carefully chosen procedures and techniques.

The range of procedures offered at our center include non-surgical and non-invasive MedSpa treatments in addition to surgical procedures. These offer you a short recovery and almost negligible downtime. If you do not wish to undergo a surgery or only require minimal correction, you can choose from the latest in MedSpa treatments and techniques offered at Janiga MDs.

Breast procedures

There are several reasons why women may experience changes in their breasts, including aging, massive weight fluctuations, pregnancy and breast feeding. If you wish to undergo a breast procedure in order to regain the proportion and symmetry of your breasts, Dr. Timothy Janiga offers you a wide range of choices. Each breast procedure will be customized to your individual requirement to help you uplift sagging breasts, add volume and shape to your breasts or reduce very large breasts that are causing you medical and emotional concerns. We understand that undesirable changes not only affect your appearance but also your confidence, and we offer results that restore your self-image. Dr. Janiga has the expertise to correct your results from a previously undergone breast augmentation. Here are the breast procedures our patients from New Washoe City can choose from:

Body procedures

Almost every one of us struggles with some body part that has stubborn fat despite being fit and at our ideal weight. These problem areas do not easily yield to dieting and exercise and you must consider surgical intervention. There is a range of body contouring procedure offered at Janiga MDs that help contour areas like your thighs, hips, back and abdomen. We will evaluate your skin elasticity and body before choosing the best procedures and techniques that will get you the desired slimmer and toned appearance. With a better proportioned body, clothes will fit better and you can step out with increased confidence. Our patients from New Washoe City can choose from these body contouring procedures:

Facial surgery procedures

Aging of your facial features can make you feel self-conscious, and most people get alarmed when they experience these signs caused by neglect, sun damage and other environmental factors. Patients come to us with issues like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and volume loss. You may also want to change the appearance of a facial feature like the nose or ears. We personalize each procedure to offer you the rejuvenation you desire and the results you wish to see. Here are the procedures our patients from New Washoe City can choose from:

Injectables and fillers

When you are concerned about the early signs of aging on your face but do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure yet, you can choose from the range of injectables like neuromodulators and dermal fillers offered at Janiga MDs. Our experience and skills ensure that you get your desired results from injectables that also have the added benefit of no downtime and minimal recovery. These can help you address concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, lost volume, pigmentation, uneven tone and texture and submental fat. Here are the choices available to our patients from New Washoe City:

Laser services

The latest laser treatments offered at Janiga MDs will help you achieve a natural glow to your skin while at the same time eliminating any skin problems you are dealing with such as wrinkles and acne. These treatments promote the natural growth of elastin and collagen in your skin, leading to natural tightening as well. Our goal is to help you achieve a naturally glowing and healthy skin which will instantly refresh your appearance. You can also benefit from the latest in laser hair removal procedures and facials at our center. Patients from Carson City can make a choice from these laser treatments:

Body services

When the amount of correction required is minimal or you are not ready for a surgery yet, choose from the minimally invasive and non-surgical options available at our center to eliminate those problem areas. These non-surgical procedures offer you minimal downtime and a shorter recovery so you can get back to your normal routine almost immediately after the procedure. Our procedures also help you address excessive underarm sweating or get thicker eyelashes. Here are the options our patients from New Washoe City can choose from:

Procedures for men

Men have been opting for cosmetic enhancement as well even though they seek rejuvenation on a subtler level than their wives or girlfriends. We understand your unique requirements and offer specific techniques to get you a stunning and refreshed appearance. Choose from dermal fillers to regain volume, contouring procedures for a toned appearance and neuromodulators that eliminate wrinkles. Men from New Washoe City can choose from these procedures:

Skin procedures

The climate in New Washoe City has very little precipitation and is mostly dry, affecting your skin adversely when you are exposed to sun. When added to lifestyle choices like smoking and continued neglect, you may begin to experience early aging signs that make you self-conscious. When you want to eliminate fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture or sagging, we will help you with the best of procedures. Dr. Jennifer Janiga is a board-certified dermatologist with years of experience to help you achieve a healthy glow to your skin. Here are the treatments that can help our patients from New Washoe City achieve natural rejuvenation:

Skincare products

You can choose from a range of skincare products at Janiga MDs which complement the skin procedures you undergo. We offer world class products that will help you improve the appearance as well as health of your skin while helping you retain the stunning results you achieved with a surgical procedure. Here are the skincare products our patients from New Washoe City can choose from:

About New Washoe City, NV

New Washoe City is an unincorporated community in the Washoe County of Nevada. It is located in the Washoe Valley in the southern Washoe County between Reno and Carson City, on the east side of Washoe Lake. New Washoe City forms part of the Reno-Sparks Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is best known to its proximity to Washoe Lake, Little Washoe Lake and the Washoe Lake State Park. There is plenty to do around the county with attractions such as the Nevada State Museum, Mt. Rose Ski Resort, The Washoe Club Haunted Museum, Diamond Peak Ski Resort and the Thunderbird Lake Tahoe. There are several tours you can take in the area to enjoy the trails and parks and even fit in a visit to the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory.

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